Our Grantees

The Goldwin Foundation aims to have an impact on children’s medical research around the United States.

Below you will find some of our grantees. 

Awarded Grants

Boston Children's Hospital – Boston, MA

Date: February, 2014
Amount: $125,000
Purpose:  Provide start-up funds for the purchase of two testing devices to help monitor blood coagulation for children and young patients who require cardiac support with a ventricular assist device.

The Madonna Foundation – Lincoln, NE

Date: April, 2014
Combined Amount: $99,000
Purpose:  Provide funding to establish:  (a) the Therapy Extension Observation Program and (b) the purchase of a Pediatric EEG to support Pedi-ICARE Development.  The TEO Program educates parents and guardians on the rehabilitative treatment being provided to their child in real time.  The Pediatric EEG purchase supports the development of the Pedi-ICARE, which is an elliptical training system that helps children with disabilities and chronic conditions regain their ability to walk. 

Children's Hospital Foundation – Silver Spring, MD

Date: May, 2014
Amount:  $100,000
Purpose:  Provide funds to develop a translational epilepsy research program at the Children’s National Medical Center with the goal of providing new and less risky treatment options for children suffering from epilepsy. 

Children's Hospital Foundation – Silver Spring, MD

Date:  May, 2014
Amount:  $100,000
Purpose:  Provide funds to support the launch of a severe asthma clinic with the goal of improving the quality of care to underserved children in the D.C. area.

Children's Hospital – Los Angeles, CA

Date: May, 2014
Amount: $345,000 (over 2 year period)
Purpose:  Provide funds to assist in the acquisition of three new X-ray systems for use in outpatient orthopedic clinics serving pediatric patients that will emit reduced radiation levels, provide better image quality, and produce faster processing time.

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital – Chicago, IL

Date:  July, 2014
Amount:  $50,000
Purpose:  Provide funding for Grantee's Bioinformatics program which aims to provide analytical tools that will assist physicians in the early detection of organ injury or physiologic instability by analyzing and interpreting heart, lung, brain and other organ functions in real time.

Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital – Chicago, IL

Date:  July, 2014 
Amount:  $54,000
Purpose:  Provide funding to assist with the purchase of a specialized ultrasound machine and training costs aiming to improve a physician's ability to accurately diagnose and treat children with injuries from accidents or physical abuse.

Shriners Hospital for Children – Tampa, FL

Date:  September, 2014
Amount:  $50,000
Purpose:  Provides funding to pay for the cost of instrumentation and other materials required for two spinal surgeries for two children with scoliosis and other spinal deformities.

Love on 4 Paws, Inc. – Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Date:  July, 2014
Amount:  $25,000 (per year for two year period)
Purpose:  Provides a two year commitment for Grantee's animal assisted therapy program that brings happiness and comfort to hospitalized children and other disabled persons in the Los Angeles, CA area.

STARS – Pacific Palisades, CA

Date:  October, 2014
Amount:  $50,000
Purpose:  Provides financial support to Grantee in order that a physical therapist evaluator may be hired at the University of California Los Angeles to measure Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy disease progression, which is one of the most common lethal genetic diseases of childhood, and support ongoing and future clinical trials aimed at finding a cure for the disease.

MOMS Orange County – Santa Ana, CA

Date:  December, 2014 
Amount:  $32,000
Purpose:  Provides funding to Grantee so that Grantee may provide access to prenatal care, health screenings, infant development screenings and health education for low-income and medically underserved mothers and babies located in Orange County, California.

The Madonna Foundation – Lincoln, NE

Date: February, 2015
Amount: $94,000
Purpose:   Provide funding for a 3-D printer, cartridge accessories and on-site service for the printer which will allow Grantee to provide patient-specific rehabilitation tools for the Pedi-ICARE Training System and be used in other practice areas at Grantee as needed.  

Boston Children's Hospital – Boston, MA

Date:  February, 2015 
Amount: $532,000 (over a three year period)
Purpose:  Provide funds for the purchase of two testing devices that monitor blood coagulation for pediatric cardiac patients.  The devices also allow physicians to test new drugs to combat the issue of blood clotting by providing a tool to accurately monitor the drug's effect on a child.

Children's Hospital Foundation – Washington, D.C.

Date: February, 2015
Amount:  $200,000 (over a two year period)
Purpose:  Provide funds to facilitate the research of the molecular mapping of brain tumor formation and migration in children suffering from Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) with the goal of being able to collect samples and develop clinical trials that improve therapy and accelerate the development of techniques to detect these tumors in children. 

I've Got a Name Foundation-Lincoln, NE

Date:  May, 2015 
Amount: $30,000
Purpose:  Provide funds in furtherance of Grantee’s mission which is to provide awareness to the public regarding child sexual exploitation and sex trafficking. Grantee’s outreach program provides at-risk youth and women who have escaped sex trafficking with support and guidance in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, transportation, prescription assistance, childcare needs, bus passes and food boxes. Grantee also operates a rent assistance program which provides funds to women in need to pay for housing obligations in order to catch up on other financial and family obligations.

Children's Hospital of Omaha - Omaha, NE

Date:  December, 2015 
Amount:  $114,000
Purpose:  Provide funds that will enable Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation of Omaha, Nebraska to purchase an Eden 260VS 3-D printer and Mimics 3-D imaging/modeling software and reading station to be used in conjunction with the 3-D Printer. The 3-D Printer and Software will be utilized in the Grantee's Criss Heart Center to print three dimensional models of children’s hearts to determine the best course of action for treatment, discover any abnormalities in the children’s anatomy, and as a teaching and educational tool.

* All grant amounts are rounded down to the nearest thousand.

How the Goldwin Foundation can help you

If your organization or facility needs assistance to better the situations of underserved children, please give us a call or send an email. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

If you are serving children who are underrepresented or overlooked in the medical field due to a lack of funding, The Goldwin Foundation of Lincoln, Nebraska might be able to help. Please send LOI’s, grant applications, and any other questions by email to the Foundation. We will reply as quickly as possible to help the process along. Let’s work together and improve the future outlook of our children.