What We Do

Who We Support

The Foundation is committed to enhancing and enriching the lives of children who suffer from special or serious medical conditions and diseases through improvements in medical technology, access and treatment.  Through our grant making, we support innovative medical organizations, leaders in those organizations and the underlying communities who are impacted by the grant.  
The Foundation supports programs and medical organizations that work to advance medical technology specifically focused for children with special or serious medical conditions.  The Foundation believes that access to specialized health care for children in the United States should be more readily available and should not be cost-prohibitive to those children who require such services.  Of particular interest to the Foundation are efforts to advance medical research, treatment options and support for programs and medical organizations that strive to address the problems associated with underserved children.  By way of example, the Foundation supports activities and organizations in the following areas:

  • Medical research institutions whose primary focus is on advances in medicine for children.
  • Medical clinics or hospitals specializing or focusing on the needs of children.
  • Medical organizations that strive to ensure better access to medical treatment and disease diagnosis for children.